Get the #HASHTAG APP for Your Facebook Page

Let your FOLLOWERS see what your doing
socially with our HashAtIt Facebook App.

We make it simple to create your own custom #Hashtag Tab for your Facebook Page. So, don’t let those #hashtags you have been using go to waste!  To add this to your Facebook Page what the YouTube tutorial below, or follow the steps below:

Click The Play Button To Watch Tutorial

1)  Be sure you have Signed Up for an account at and created a #hashtag board.  (To learn more about signing up for an account on and creating  a #hashtag board click HERE.  *Also, please note that the email that you use to sign up for your account must match the email address you use to sign into Facebook.)

2)  Next, go to our APP on Facebook at: 

HashAtIt Facebook App

Click on the “Okay” button.

***Be sure you accept all Facebook permissions or else it will not work. 


3)  The HashAtIt Facebook APP Page will look like this:

        1. “Please Select Page” – Select the Facebook page you want the #Hashtag Tab to appear. 

(If nothing appears in the drop down menu it is because you DO NOT have a Facebook Page and you will not be able to download this APP.  To learn more about creating a Facebook Page click here)

        2. “Tab Name” – in the text field enter the #Hashtag Tab Name you want to have appear on your Facebook page. 

        3. “Please Select Tab Feed” - from the drop down menu select which #Hashtag Board you want displayed.

(If you do not see anything it is because you have not created a #Hashtag Board on To learn more about creating a custom #Hashtag Board, click HERE.)

        4.  When you are done, click on the “Send!” button.

4.  Once you click on the “Send!” button, you should see the below page.  Tab created successfully... Select “Go To Tab Page” to see your #Hashtag Tab on your Facebook Page :




 *Please Note:  The HashAtIt Facebook APP ONLY  appears on Desktop/Laptop Computers (PC). Currently, Facebook does not allow APPs to appear on mobile devices.  

*Troubleshooting Issues:

1) If your page is not showing up in the dropdown menu it is because you did not accept Facebook permissions.  For example, see below images:

HashAtIt Facebook Permission

When this Facebook box appears, you must click “OK”.

Hashatit Facebook Permission

and you must click “OK” here ^ too.

If you are not sure if you set the Facebook permission correctly then please go to your account and go to => “Settings” click on => “APPs” from left menu it shows the HashAtIt application. Remove the HashAtIt APP from there.  Then click this link =>   to install it on your Facebook page again and this time be sure to provide both permissions.




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