How To Create Your Profile URL (web link)

  1. Go to your dashboard page by logging into your account or clicking on your username at the top of
  2. On your dashboard page click on the pen  PEN TOOL
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page where it reads Public URL:[username] in the text box enter the name you want to use as a URL and then click Submit.

HashAtIt URL

What are Hashatit web Profile URLs?

Hashatit web profile URLs is an easy way to view and share your #Hashtag Board! It gives others a look at the #hashtag content you have created on Hashatit.

What can I do with Hashatit web URLs?

You can share your dashboard with anyone you want via email, or your social media sites like Facebook, twitter and or pinterest.  Or you can also place it on your website via our embed code.

How do I see my web profile?

To see your dashboard, or to explore a friend’s dashboard, simply go to[username]. For example, in order to view Tito Ortiz’s dashboard,  you’d go to on the web.

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