Why don’t I see some Facebook posts?

* Facebook #Hashtags: In May of 2015 Facebook stopped the release of their public #hashtag posts. Currently, we can only retrieve Facebook #hashtags made public before May of 2015.  We are working with Facebook to re-allow us access to their “Public” #hashtag posts.  Hopefully, it will not be much longer.  Thank you for your patience.

If you have made a Facebook post with a #hashtag before May of 2015:

Below are a few reasons why you can not see all Facebook posts on Hashatit.com:

1) Facebook privacy settings are tight and only return to us “samplings” of Public Posts.  To help with displaying #hashtag posts on Hashatit.com select “Public” from the drop down menu when posting on Facebook.  For example, see below image:

HashAtIt Facebook Posts

2) Also, Facebook only supports hashtags internally and we can only return what Facebook gives us through their API search.

We hope in the future Facebook will give us access to ALL “Public” posts.

Hope this helped.


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