Live Broadcasting With Embed Code

To add “Live Broadcasting” you must use our embed code and type in the parameter refresh into the code. Currently, we have set the duration to refresh your page every 5 minutes.

(Step 1) – Copy The Iframe Embed Code In Box

From the #Hashtag search results page CLICK on the Embed box on the right side of the page. The embed box will open and COPY the entire code inside the embed box.  (To get our embed code go to: and in the search box enter the #hashtag PepePaolone or whatever #hashtag you like.)

Hashtag Embed Code


HashAtIt Embed Code


(Step 2) – Paste Code Into An HTML Editor or WordPress

(Below image is WordPress page editor.)

HashAtIt Hashtag Search Engine Embed Code

Paste the embed code into your favorite HTML editor. Save it and view it in your web browser.


Step 3) - Type in “Refresh

Just add the parameter “refresh” to the code. Currently, our duration to “refresh” is every 5 minutes.

For example: (see the below embed code) Just type refresh next to embed/ and your webpage will automatically refresh every 5 minutes for Live Broadcasting.

iframe src=””

Hashtag Live Broadcasting Board


How To Customize Your Embed Code

If you need to customize the code to fit the size of your website you can easily do that by changing the width and or height inside of the embed code.

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