HashAtIt.com’s Welcome Guide

HashAtIt.com’s Welcome Guide

Find Your Way Around

Here’s the quickest way to get where you’re going on Hashatit.com after you have signed up or logged into your HashAtIt account:

  1. This is your DASHBOARD page. Here you will be able to create and edit your hashtag boards and much more.
  2. This is your Username. Click on this link to to take you back to your dashboard.
  3. Click Logout to logout of your account. 
  4. Click on the Pen Tool to edit your profile. Here you will be able to upload your profile pic, change your username or password, and create an unique web URL for your #hashtag board.
  5. #boards displays how many #hashtags boards you have.
  6. Click on followers to see who is following you. 
  7. Click on following to see who you are following. 
  8. Home Button takes you back to your dashboard home page. 
  9. & 10. Click on + Hashtag box to create a #Hashtag board. 
  10. Click here to get the Embed code to paste onto your website or blog. Click HERE for more info. 
  11. Click here for the Link/URL to your #hashtag board. 

Edit Profile Page

From your Dashboard page click on the Edit Pen Tool pen :

  1. This is your EDIT PROFILE page. Here you will be able to update your profile image, email, password or delete your account.
  2. Click “Choose File” to update or add a AVATAR/PROFILE IMAGE to your dashboard.
  3. PROFILE INFO - here you will be able to update your profile info email, username, password or add a bio and your website. (* required fields.)
  4.  PROFILE URL – enter the name you want to use as a URL. (Hashatit web profile URLs is an easy way to view and share your #Hashtag boards.) 
  5.  SUBMIT – Click on SUBMIT to make changes.  
  6.  DELETE ACCOUNT – click on the link to delete your account.

Custom #Hashtag Boards and Pages

  1. Click on + Create Hashtag Board. To create a #hashtag board. 
  3. ENTER HASHTAG - enter the #hashtag you want displayed on your dashboard. 
  4.  CREATE BOARD BUTTON - Once you have enter’d the #hashtag click on the “Create Board” button.  
  5.  #HASHTAG PAGE – from your dashboard, click on  the #hashtag you have created and it will take you to your #Hashtag Page.
  6.  thru 8. EDITING A POST - Click on the drop down image (6. dropdown) to display your options on any posts that appear on your page. If there is a post you see displayed on your page that you dislike or do not want to appear on your page, click on 7. X Delete. That post will permanently be removed from your page. If there is a user that you do not want to show up on your page, click on 8. Block User and they will never be displayed on that page again.
  7. + ADD TO FAVORITESIf their is a post that you want featured on your Favorite Filter/Page click on + Add to Favorites. (To view Favorites click on 11. Filter image.)
  8. EMBED CODE - Use our embed code for your website or blog. It is easy for company’s or blogs to paste our embed code onto their website to promote a #hashtag for their brand or an event. (To learn more about how to use our Embed code click here.) 
  9. FILTER - Filter your search. Click and select which social site you want displayed or see just your Favorite posts. 
  10. SHARE - Click and copy the link/url to share your #hashtag page with your customers, fans or family and friends.

How To Edit or Delete a #Hashtag Board On Your Dashboard

Here’s how to delete, change or edit a #hashtag board on your dashboard. 

  1. Click on the Arrow.  Here you will be able to change the cover photo of your hashtag board, upload your own cover image to your hashtag board, or delete the board.